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What is Kasadaka?

Kasadaka is a platform that supports easy creation of local-content and voice-based information services, targeted at currently ‘unconnected’. Kasadaka means “talking box” in several Ghanaian languages.

The platform consists of a combination of software and hardware, that allows for the hosting and development of innovative voice-based information services in the conditions of the developing world. The platform tackles many of the challenges found in the developing world context, including: infrastructural problems (no internet), low literacy rates, support for under-resourced languages and a lack of (financial) resources.

The Kasadaka platform supports the formation of an ecosystem of decentralized voice-based information services that serve local populations and communities, built by local innovators and entrepreneurs. This is very much analogous to the services and functionalities offered by the Web, but in regions where Internet and Web are absent and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.