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VU Symposium
May 22, 2015

On friday 22nd of May, a symposium in ICT for Development was held at the VU, organized by the Network Institute and W4RA. Several speakers were to present their work, related to ICT4D, and there was room for discussion. The discussions gave an interdisciplinary perspective on ICT4D and the topics that fall under this category.

DigiVet - a Bachelor Thesis
April, 2015

During the field trip to Zalerigu village in Upper-East Ghana, Myrthe conducted several semi-structured interviews with subsistence farmers to get an in-depth understanding of their lives and livelihoods. The purpose of these interviews was to extract the local information need from the farmers, which would form the basis for the services that would be created by Gossa Lô and others on the Kasadaka. One of the farmers told us that he would love to hear information on how to take care of his animals. This information would be about feeding them and treatments in case of illnesses. Gossa and Dr. Stefan Schlobach came up with DigiVet, a voice-based and visual digital veterinary service as part of Gossas' Bachelor Thesis.

Field trip to Northern Ghana
February 14, 2015

After months of preparing, Myrthe and Gossa traveled to Accra, Ghana. They spend a couple of days preparing in Accra to prepare for the rest of the trip in Northern Ghana. The next stop was Tamale, Northern Ghana, where our contact person Francis Dittoh from the University of Development Studies awaited them. From this location they went to Zanlerigu village, a remote village in Upper-East Ghana, where the field work would take place. If you're interested in learning more about our trip to Ghana, you can read our blog on the W4RA page.

Knowledge Sharing for the Rural Poor
October, 2014

Two students, Myrthe van der Wekken and Gossa Lô, were chosen to become Academy Assistants for the Network Institute under a project called 'Knowledge Sharing for the Rural Poor' at the VU Unviersity in Amsterdam. This focuses, as part of the Web Alliance for Regreening in Africa (W4RA), on creating and sharing knowledge for residents of rural areas in developing countries with the aid of ICT innovation. The project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Exact Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences in which 'Information and Communication Technology for Development' (ICT4D) and 'Knowledge Management for Development' (KMD) are put together. The supervisors for thisproject are are Dr. Stefan Schlobach and Dr. Julie E. Ferguson.

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